Publikasi dan Penelitian Dosen

No Judul Penelitian Nama Peneliti
1 Thermogravimetry for Thermal Recovery of Indonesian Heavy Oil, Astra Agus Pramana DN
2 Studi Pemilihan Pour Point Depressant Untuk Penanggulangan Masalah Transportasi Minyak Parafinik Pada Lapangan X Astra Agus Pramana DN
3 Integrated Reservoir Study to  Optimize Gas Production of Water Drive Gas Reservoir. Case Study : Lower Menggala Gas Field Astra Agus Pramana DN
4 Geo-mechanic Data Analysis Applied to Hydraulic Fracturing Design in Lower Pematang Formation Malacca Strait PSC Astra Agus Pramana DN
5 Simulasi Reservoir pada Shale Gas: Studi Kasus Lapangan di Indonesia Ajeng Oktaviani

Weny Astuti

Ludovika Jannoke

6 Sandwich Pipe Performance Under HP/HT Conditions Bastian Andoni
7 Simulation-based Proxy Model for Uncertainty Assessment and Optimization of Water-Altering-Gas (WAG) Injection Iwan Setya Budi

Astra Agus Pramana

Jatie Arie Wibowo

Ludovika Jannoke

8 Development of Faujasite-Type Zeolite and Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Mixed Catalyst for Aquathermolysis Reaction of Heavy Oil” Astra Agus Pramana


9 Compositional Simulation Study of Water-Alternating-Gas (WAG) Injection: Impacts of Injection Parameters Iwan Setya Budi


10 Thermal Stimulation of Heavy Oil Reservoir with Shale Breaks Iwan Setya Budi

Astra Pramana

Jati Arie Wibowo

Raka Wardana

11 Hi-Salinity and Smart Waterflooding Study for an Indonesia’s Sandstone Oilfield, Astra Agus Pramana DN., Wibowo, J.A., Astuti, W., Jannoke, L., Wardana, R.S., Oktaviani, A.P.,
12 Resistance Factor Study Of Cross Linker Addition For Water Shutoff Polymer, Astra Agus Pramana DN., Wibowo, J.A., Astuti, W., Jannoke, L., Wardana, R.S., Oktaviani, A.P.,
13 Build Rate Prediction using Artificial Neural Network for Positive Dispalcement Motor Application in Field X Raka S Wardana
14 Resistance Factor Study of Cross Linker Addition for Water Shutoff Polymer Jati Arie Wibowo
15 Effects of Ultrasonic waves on Carbon Dioxide Solubility in Brine at Different Pressures and Temperatures Bastian Andoni